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Why Do Most People Fail at Government Contracting After Registering for SAM (System for Award Management)?

When it comes to capturing market share in today’s competitive workplace, business owners have their work cut out for them. In fact, whether you sell products or services, finding enough opportunities to keep your business afloat can be challenging. Which leads many business owners to the complex world of government contracting.

And Why Not?

The federal government is the largest buyer of goods and services in the world, spending billions of dollars annually. It’s even more appealing when you consider the government’s goal of awarding 23% of contracts to small businesses. If it sounds too good to be true, it is – sort of.

Not because government contracts aren’t plentiful. They are. But the world of federal procurement is complicated and can be hard to navigate. And it all starts with SAM.

Businesses doing business with the government, must first register in SAM (System for Award Management), the government’s procurement database. Simple right? Just register in SAM and start landing those juicy federal contracts. Not exactly.

Unfortunately, many companies complete the SAM registration and still fail to get a government contract. Why is it so difficult?

There are a few reasons.


  • SAM Registration – A lot of companies struggle with the registration process and fail to correctly complete their SBA DSBS profile. Your company could be disqualified from contract awards for profile omissions or simply won’t be found in the system.
  • NAICS and PSC Code Errors – There are an overwhelming 474 industries listed in The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) and 3000+ Product Service Codes (PSC). Not classifying your business or product correctly can prevent you from accessing opportunities specific to your business.
  • Procurement 101 – Learning which opportunities are right for your company and understanding the RFP and RFI process is important. A large number of bids get rejected for failing to comply with RFP/RFI requirements. And if your company is awarded a contract it is unable to perform – it could be your last.
  • No Marketing PlanGovernment contracting is no different than ordinary business pursuits when it comes to marketing. Not having a solid marketing plan is a common pitfall.

What benefits are part of the Program?

There are a ton of benefits to obtaining government contracts. But where there is opportunity – there is also fierce competition. Navigating the federal procurement process from the beginning – can drastically improve your odds of winning at award time. Set yourself and your business up for success by arming yourself with the right tools.

How does the program work?

Select GCR Pro is an all-inclusive resource for maximizing your business opportunities in government contracting – right from the start. Register for your free 30-day free trial of Select GCR Pro today and get a free SAM registration with your paid subscription.

The Select GCR Pro database provides all of the tools that our clients require to become prime contractors. GCR also provides the largest data mining of all Government procurement acquisition databases in the US.

Our database has several major strengths; first on that list would be:

  • Expiring Contracts
  • Find a U.S. Government Purchasing agent by Keyword, Name, NAICS, FSG, PSC, State
  • Universal Marketing- a resource that includes contacts in over 700,000 companies.
  • Receive daily opportunities, Solicitations from the Department of Defense, Federal Business Opportunities site as well as 650 State, Local, County and Municipalities.
  • Research competitors using filters like State, zip, business type and have access to data that shows whether the company has sold anything previously to the government.

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Select GCR is a consulting firm committed to helping small and medium-sized businesses achieve growth through government contracting. We identify the best path to success for each individual business and assist in the completion of all necessary registrations and certifications. Our strategic involvement simplifies the overall process and allows business owners to focus efforts on their principal business activities.

We proudly maintain a first time 97% approval rate with applications and registrations submitted on behalf of our clients. For more information or assistance, please contact us here!

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